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Full Aircraft Management

Should you choose to place your aircraft on our Part 135 Certificate, you can maximize your jet ownership in the following ways: 

  • You can take advantage of certain tax benefits such as depreciation
  • It allows you to conduct affiliate charter. Some of our aircraft owners take advantage of chartering from themselves, for tax purposes (lower property taxes, more write-offs, etc.). This also allows for added flexibility in legally charging different entities for the use of the aircraft (I.e. your own company, your family, your friend)
  • Opportunities for state tax and use tax advantages
  • Helps you avoid complicated ‘grey-area’ leases
  • We shield you from the operational control liability and risks 
  • The burdens of scheduling, overseeing and negotiating on maintenance; scheduling and negotiating on pilot training; fuel management; comprehensive accounting, expense reports and monthly statements; booking rental cars and hotels; aircraft detailing; and other time vortexes associated with managing aircraft operations, are passed to the outsourced flight department
Full aircraft management

* Every individual and business is different, and we recommend consulting with a qualified aviation tax professional to ensure a full understanding of your particular tax circumstances.

Maximizing your jet ownership, with the lowest possible expense structure

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