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Corporate Flight Department Support

We partner with corporate flight departments and support existing flight operations. Many outsource their entire operations, while some use select skills and resources of ours to supplement your in-house capabilities.

Corporate flight departments turn to us for our large operator expertise, knowledge and systems that is fused with our dedicated agility, incredible personal attention and service excellence. We work alongside Directors of Aviation, chief pilots and Aviation teams. We collaborate to enhance the experience and operations of aircraft ownership for our customers. The support we give adds value to any operation setup; from safety and crew training to dynamic flight support, to accounting and cost avoidance, Reynolds Jet can manage all, or some aspects, of operational support for your aircraft and fleet. In essence, we provide Part 91 flight departments and operators with around the clock support tailored to meet your exacting needs and budget parameters, while you maintain full control of your operations.

Support services highlights:

  • 24-hour flight planning, coordination, scheduling, support and flight following across the globe
  • Round-the-clock international operations support
  • Crew support, scheduling, briefings, regulatory and training
  • Crew management; HR responsibilities and recruitment, training administration, payroll and benefits
  • Drive down the cost of operations, via
    • Fuel management, negotiation and procurement
    • Preferred pricing through our vendor management
  • Strict maintenance oversight; tracking, planning, budgeting and implementation of scheduled and unscheduled events, regulatory compliance, administrative paperwork, warranty administration, invoice review and reconciliation, competitive maintenance bids analysis and cost avoidance
  • Financial oversight; full aircraft accounting services
  • Warranty oversight: airframe, engine and parts programs
  • Regulatory manual administration
Strengthen your operation. Minimize your costs and risks. And manage your asset more efficiently

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