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Is private jet charter right for me?
Private jet charter is for anyone that needs to travel on their own schedule, has a time-sensitive task, requires security….
How does the cost compare to the airlines?
OK, so a quote of $12,000 to go to Florida may not seem like such a good deal, but you have to look at what you are paying for. Leave at the time you want. No long lines to take your shoes off at the security checkpoint. Drive right out to the aircraft. Have your bags carried onto the aircraft and not thrown onto a baggage loader. First class service en route. Have your car driven to the aircraft steps on arrival. Be on your way within 5 minutes. Wonder why you can’t get that kind of personal service even flying first class on the airlines any more? How much did you pay for your airline ticket?
Can I purchase a block of hours?
Yes. The best option is our Jet Card. Click on the link in the menu for more information.
Who can benefit from private jet charter?
Listen to Sports Broadcaster Thom Brennaman discuss why he finds private jet charter beneficial.

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